Jill Johnson | Biography
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She is exciting, divine and surprising – all at the same time, just like life itself!

Platinum selling Jill Johnson is one of Sweden’s most loved artists and has during the years really put country music and Nashville on the Swedish music map – through her own studio albums, where she’s collaborated with several of USA’s most prominent songwriters and artists within the genre, as well as through her critically acclaimed and sold out tours.

 Jill’s own successful and very popular SVT series “Jills Veranda, Nashville”, which has received several prestigious awards, has also helped spreading her love and admiration for the genre to the TV audience.

Jill is one of our most diverse artists, and although country music is the genre closes to her, she has a love and curiosity for several other genres and forms of expression which definitely has contributed to her experiencing one of the most successful and eventful times in her career so far!

In addition to the release of own music and tours, Jill has also done 3 seasons of Jills Veranda, Nashville, three seasons with her show JILL, recorded a duet album with American country artist Doug Seegers, toured in Europe, one season with the critically acclaimed show “That’s Life” at The Theatre in Gothenburg as well as a Sweden tour with the same show. She concludes the Spring 2018 by taking “That’s Life” to the classical venue the China Teater in Stockholm.

She did a summer tour with her band, participated in the CMA Songwriter Series in Stockholm And Olso, wrote new music in Nashville and ended the year with the tour “Christmas Island” together with conductor Anders Berglund and Sandviken Big Band.

  8th of Feburary Jill released the single “Is It Hard Being A Man?” and the following up EP “My Remedy” was released on 8th of March – Jill took the new music and embark on the club tour “My Remedy Tour”, where she together with her band visited 15 towns in Sweden. The success continued into the summer with “My Remedy Summer Tour”. This October you can see Jill in the new season of “Så Mycket Bättre” 10th anniversary.