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Jill Johnson – For You I’ll Wait


Jill Johnson releases her most personal album ever, ”For You I’ll Wait” and go on a Swedish tour!

It’s been four years since Jill Johnson released a record with her own material, and finally her much anticipated album “For You I’ll Wait” is now being released!

The music was written during a week in April in Nashville and Austin – a week when the songs came as a flood. The result is “For You I’ll Wait”, an album containing 11 tracks – with a delicate sound and intimate lyrics revealing who Jill is today.

“It should chafe, there should be brittleness and it should be felt! It is a feeling that became even more apparent after my collaboration with Gabriel Kelley. The meeting with him in the TV series “Jill’s Veranda” in Nashville affected me quite profoundly. I felt at once that I wanted to make music with him and I think that he brought me to a darker, deeper sound with more heart and soul,” explains Jill.

On ”For You I’ll Wait”, Jill has worked with some of USA:s most outstanding song-writers and as well as Garbriel Kelley, was of course, Liz Rose, a close friend of Jill who’s a several time Grammy-nominee – and even award winning, Nathan Chapman, Kate York and Lori McKenna.

“It sounds almost silly when you say that you’ve written that much music over just a few days, but that’s exactly what happened. I really opened up and we wrote around the clock which produced results. I was completely at a standstill when I got home but simultaneously felt quite elated”, says Jill.

The theme for the whole album is more or less about life, love and also about that which we all know, that a person should first and foremost love and respect herself – in order to love and respect others.

This time, Jill has taken on the role of co-producer together with her good friend and producer of many years, Amir Aly. The whole album was recorded together with Jill’s musicians whom have played with her for a number of years, contributing to the overall self-assured sound.

“I’ve always known how I want to sound on record, but have never had the patience to produce my music to the full. My writing has developed over the years, lyrics have become more personal and with that the interest has grown to create frameworks. Since I started to play the guitar a few years ago, a new ear for how others play has developed and it’s great to try out new things and dress up the music in different costumes. Amir Aly is the most talented producer I’ve worked with. He’s a fantastic musician, has the technical knowledge and has the patience of an angel in order to immerse me in the process and guide me in my search for the perfect sound. Producing this record with Amir has meant lots of laughter, tears and learning. Music, when it’s most enjoyable”, says Jill.

“For You I’ll Wait” is also the title of Jill’s autumn tour that has its premier the same day as the album release, the 23 September.

”I really look forward to the tour which will be the first for a long time with completely new material”, says Jill. ”I love concert halls as a performing space, that give the audience the chance to really listen and me to get closer to them”, concludes Jill.

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